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Our Game Theory

We are committed to bring special and unforgettable gaming experience to gamers. Making a game is arting. A good game could let the participant understand and feel the world from another dimension, and may causes people to look a litter closer, to look closer at your surrounding, at the society, at the environment, at the world and even at the me. Gaming as an interactive experience will bring each immersed to another life forms around. We believe game for everyone is game for no one. We want to convey one excerpt of one life to players with our understanding.

About US

As a studio, we are new in this industry. However, the people behind are not. Our team members have served in different leading company in the industry, and worked on various projects. Most of us have worked together for a VR title last year, which is the most successful VR FPS game from China. For some reason, our last company has already given up that project. But, as the main creators, we decide to continue and make something fun and experimental. As the most essential, we are gamers, and we believe that game as an art form could bring some difference exist only in our mind to the life.


Revoke Early Access version released on Steam

Revoke Demo released


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We decide to make a brand-new VR game

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