Revoke is an Arcade FPS VR Game, developed with UE4, featured by linear story gameplay with breathtaking boss fight. Player uses left hand pistol to shoot, uses right bionic hand to select and release specials. 4 specials have been designed for the demo, dash, blast cannon, energy shield, and super speed. More abilities are on development, and will be added in early access version. Player could take 2 specials before each mission. 3 boss fights have been designed already, which plan to be available in early access version. Boss fight is a big challenge for player because of its various damage types and multi-phase battles. Player should tactically choose the specials to make the fight easier.
Smooth locomotion, freely move anywhere and everywhere to cover the battlefields. With slide your finger at the touchpad it’s more flexible to move your step to shoot and dodge.

Unique modules to unlock and master, module can be unlocked after each levels. Combine different modules to create more possibilities.

Intercept flying bullet, shoot the coming bullets, missiles and mortar shells in the air. 

Amazing BOSS fight, 3 BOSS fights have been designed yet, each fight has A&B phrases with distinct damage types, melee, range and terrain, etc. Tactically arrange the module skills and bullets. Most important, try to doge!

Arcade Soul, enjoy free locomotion; Fluid game level process inspired by 90s arcade style; practice makes it easier.
As a studio, we are new in this industry. However, the people behind are not. Our team members have served in different leading company in the industry, and worked on various projects. Most of us worked together for a VR title last year, which is the most successful FPS VR game from China, and one of the best-selling VR title on Steam. 

We strive to push the boundaries of game design in order to create experience that player barely see before. We think that innovation is necessary to be brought to new, broader audiences. For some reason, our last company decided to give up that project. As the main creators, we decide to continue and make something fun and innovative.

In the second half of 2017, we began the development of Revoke as NEUN Games.

In this April, we took Revoke demo to the PAX  East and launched it on Steam.

In July, we released the Revoke Early Access version.